Founded in 2009 as Target with roots in the Petabytes data regime.
Years of track record in building innovative and differentiating Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions for international customers.
The Spin-out Thunderbyte.AI was founded in 2019 with a focus on full-stack AI / ML services in the field of lifestyle, vitality and healthcare.

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Working at Thunderbyte.AI is like entrepeneurship with a group of friends.

Working for Thunderbyte.AI? I would rather describe it as entrepreneurship with a  group of friends. We have a lot of fun together, but because we know each other very well we can work really quickly as a well-coordinated team with the right dosis of fun. We are a group of colleagues who are very curious, like to think along with you and are happy to surprise you with what we can do for you! I’ve been working at Thunderbyte.AI for almost 2 years now and was given the opportunity to develop myself from a just graduated app developer to a team leader. This shows we don’t think in boxes and challenge each other in developing our skillset. We are always looking for new challenges so feel free to come and meet us!

NICK BOSSCHERHealth Business Developer
Working on beautiful theme’s with many different disciplines.

My name is Nick, I’m 24 years old and responsible for the WeFitter project within Thunderbyte AI. I have lots of passion and affinity with healthcar and lifestyle as a theme and therefore also with the focus of Thunderbyte AI on these types of topics. What I like the most in working in Thunderbyte AI is the freedom you get, the close team and informal atmosphere in the company. Everybody is extremely motivated to make the best out of their project with a lot of freedom in how to do it, that’s why everybody is learning so much every day. In Thunderbyte AI we work on beautiful theme’s with many different disciplines, a big dose of fun and really make a change in the health of people with our projects. That is making it very nice to be part of the Thunderbyte family!

JEROEN WILKENSMachine Learning Engineer
The freedom to decide how I want to approach and solve the project’s challenges.

Working as a machine learning engineer at Thunderbyte.AI gives me the opportunity to work together with a group of highly skilled colleagues on some really cool projects. Currently I am working on projects involving data extraction from wearables and information extraction from websites and documents. What I really like about my job is that I have the freedom to decide how I want to approach and solve the challenges in the projects I am working on. Besides that, It feels good that I can bring in my experience I gained during my master studies and apply it on real projects that benefits our customers, and that all within cycling distance from the city center of Groningen..

JURJEN MELINGASolutions Architect
Head in the clouds but our feet planted firmly on the ground.

At Thunderbyte.AI we keep our eyes on the future, our head in the clouds but our feet planted firmly on the ground. This balance between innovation, creativity and at the same time a strong sense of realism enables us to really create beautiful things. With our partners and customers we solve real problems in different domains (health, care, energy). By employing our knowledge and experience on ai, machine learning, data science and software engineering we make proper use of the technology available. We’re a diverse (background, age, coffee vs tea, etc.😊), but a tight “family” in which we work together, look after each other and have fun while doing that. We also make sure that everyone has the room to do “their own thing” as an individual. This makes Thunderbyte.AI. a fun, challenging, safe and great place to work, where we learn from each other, our customers and our partners every day.

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